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Building Regulations

Building Regulations approval is generally required for most types of building work, whether that be new build, extensions, alterations or conversion works. 


It applies to most buildings including residential, commercial, industrial and those of an institutional nature.


We have extensive experience dating back to the 1980s of producing Building Regulations-compliant technical drawings, for all types of scheme. 


Sometimes we are asked to take planning-approved drawings and upgrade them so that they are Building Regulations-compliant. At other times we may act initially for clients, helping them to secure a crucial planning permission, before developing their drawings into those suitable to satisfy Building Regulations requirements.


Building Regulations are based around the Building Act 1984, and the main purpose of them is to ensure that building works, as defined under the Act, are safe and do not represent a risk to the health & safety of occupiers or users of buildings. 


Over the last 30 years or so, the regulations have also been upgraded consistently to take into account thermal and energy efficiency amongst other matters.


Our background in architectural technical design, combined with sound building surveying and building thermography skills, allows us to service competently all your Building Regulations and general technical drawing requirements.

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Detail Sheets

Richard Bedford Surveying is a CIAT 'Chartered Practice' with over 36 years' experience of technical drawing and architectural design. The example drawing on the left shows a detail through a roof valley (Detail X). There are many technical issues to take into account, including:

  • Minimum gutter size at narrowest point.

  • Correct leadwork specification.

  • Maintaining ventilation to roofs.

  • Maintaining ventilation to the underside of leadwork.

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Building Sections

Our typical Building Regulations' drawing packages consist of detailed floor layout plans, detailed construction sections and enlarged industry-standard scaled details of critical areas of the  building. We understand building contractors' on-site requirements, as well as those of the Building Regulations department approving the drawings, and only ever produce useful and needed drawings as required by our clients.

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Layout Plans

GA or general assembly drawings, comprising detailed floor plans, services plans and setting out constructional plans. We can provide all the required drawings for any project, which in this example was for alterations to an existing school building.

Please contact us for more information on any of the above as we would be happy to have an informal chat with you in the first instance.

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