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Contract Administration

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Tender Drawings

As a CIAT Chartered Practice, we have extensive experience in producing tender drawings for all building types, whether that be new builds, alterations to existing buildings or extensions to them.
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Construction Drawings

Our combined experience over the last 34 years in both technical architectural design and building surveying has allowed us to provide sound, robust and detailed construction drawings for building projects of all descriptions.


We are experienced in obtaining accurate external specifications from specialist contractors and manufacturers, including proprietary specialist installations such as flexible silicone-based proprietary render systems, bespoke glazing systems and proprietary commercial-grade roofing systems.


We can taylor our schedules of work to cater for all types of building projects, but the main aim is to accurately describe all works, and the standards required. A good schedule of works will avoid any mis-understanding which could have unwelcome cost implications.
We have over 36 years' experience designing new builds and extensions to residential, commercial and institutional buildings of all descriptions, producing competitive construction tender packages, analysing tenders, reporting on tenders, producing formal building contracts, certifying building works including payment provisions, and finally certifying completion of building works as Contract Administrators and Chartered Building Surveyors.

Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements and how we can help you move forward with your project build.
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