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Home Thermal Surveys

As energy prices continue to grow at an alarming rate, you may have wondered how you could reduce your energy bills.


The answer is to have a thermal imaging survey undertaken of your property in order to identify areas where you are losing heat from it.


Armed with this information, gained through a thermal imaging survey, you could then undertake identified areas of remedial works, all of which will improve the energy efficiency of your property and lower your future energy bills.


As Category 2 Certified Thermographers, Richard Bedford Surveying specialises in building thermography. It is crucial that a thermographer is certified and you should always ask this question of your thermographer from the outset and before instructing them to work for you.


We utilise the latest thermal imaging cameras, thermal drones and hygrometers which are linked by bluetooth technology, and we undertake all aspects of building thermography. This includes reporting on suspected damp issues, thermal comfort issues, missing/incomplete thermal insulation, failed double glazing, de-bonded rendering, condensation & mould issues and air leakage within buildings.

Our inspections are always critically planned and timed so that all conditions are correct, in order that the most robust thermographic inspections are undertaken as defined under current thermographic standards.

Whether your property is a house or a bungalow, we have the competency, training and equipment to provide you with a thermal imaging survey, delivered with integrity and enthusiasm.

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Contact us to see how we could help you with your property and your energy bills as we can supply you with an internal, external or a combination of both types thermal imaging survey.

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