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Building Thermography

Our Instruction - To produce a thermographic building report.

The Property - Detached, residential.

The Location - Thetford, Norfolk.

We were instructed to inspect internally and externally, a large detached property in Thetford, Norfolk. Our survey and subsequent report was to be used in conjunction with a full building survey undertaken by others. Our client was therefore the potential purchaser of the property.

Correct thermographic conditions were met, enabling us to undertake the thermal survey in generally good conditions. However, the property was occupied by the existing owner and we therefore had areas of internal walling which were still obscured by curtains and the like.

Further to our inspection and analysis of thermal images gained, we were able to advise, through our written report of the following anomalies present:

  • Areas of missing/incomplete thermal  insulation - walls and ceilings.

  • Uninsulated loft hatches.

  • Cold bridging due to lintel design adopted above windows.

  • Air infiltration.

  • Heat loss due to external air bricks at high level to cavity walls.

The images below are only a small selection of those within our completed report.

To view the slide show below, please click on either the left or right arrow, or just wait for the slides to change automatically.

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