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Defect Inspection

Our Instruction - To inspect and report on cracking & general movement.

The Property - Residential apartments.

The Location - Colchester, Essex.

We were instructed by a property management company to inspect and report on movement-related issues to three blocks of apartments in Colchester, Essex.

The site had been subject to previous movement-related issues and we noted evidence of previous repairs throughout the buildings.

Our desktop study of the site, and discussions with residents highlighted that part of the site was on made up ground and that a large group of conifers had been removed from the rear of one block in recent years. We were also aware that the apartments abutted an industrial site where building works had been undertaken in the past. Residents had complained of their properties 'shaking' during those works.

We were able to advise our client that the building insurers should be notified and that monitoring of internal cracks should be instigated, together with trial holes to some of the external landscaping, which had shown evidence of movement.

The images below are only a small selection of those within our completed report.

To view the slide show below, please click on either the left or right arrow, or just wait for the slides to change automatically.

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