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Defect Inspection

Our Instruction - To inspect and report on suspected damp ingress.

The Property - Residential property.

The Location - Colchester, Essex.

We were instructed by our client to investigate part of a new build construction in which dampness to the new flooring had been noted.

During our first inspection no part of the property had been opened up for us. We identified some possible defects, all of which revolved around the external wall/floor junction. As a result, we advised that a section of the existing skirting board should be removed in order for us to be able to confirm matters fully.

This was done and wwere able to advise our client that the floor damp proof membrane had not been linked to the external wall damp proof course. Furthermore, we noted that no insulation had been provided to the wall below damp proof course level.

It was our advice that both of these items should be remedied in order to overcome existing damp ingress, but also to comply with statutory requirements.

The images below are only a sample taken from our completed report.

To view the slide show below, please click on either the left or right arrow, or just wait for the slides to change automatically.

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