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Drone Surveys

The external fabric of a building can be difficult to see and access. Under such conditions, it is no wonder that lack of maintenance can lead to defects and significant issues for buildings.

We utilise advanced pole camera technology, but sometimes even this is not enough.

Where buildings are particularly high and have awkward roof details, we utilise drones to inspect areas otherwise impossible to inspect.

Our drone surveys are suitable for bespoke defect inspections, roof surveys, building surveys, commercial dilapidations and general schedules of condition purposes.

We utilise 4k and 5.4k high quality video and 12mp & 20mp photographic stills in order to obtain the clearest and most detailed imagery.

All of our surveyors are fully licensed and certified to fly the drones we use, and we have full insurances in place in order to undertake commercial drone surveys.

Please contact us for more details on how we can assist you with your property, whether that be a residential, commercial or institutional building.

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