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Planning permission is usually required for any new development on, in or under land. It is also required where the intention is to  extend, or undertake, a material change in use of an existing building or land.


Where any of the above is proposed, then it is a legal requirement to apply for, and gain, planning permission from the local planning authority.


There are exceptions to these rules, and where these exist they are granted under general permitted development rights. However, even here, such rights can be withdrawn by the local planning authority so you should take professional advice accordingly.


Listed buildings have a completely separate set of requirements, and any new work, alterations or extensions to them will usually require listed building consent.


Richard Bedford Surveying has over 36 years' experience working within the planning system, submitting planning applications and listed building consent applications for all kinds of development, whether that be residential, listed properties, institutional or commercial.


We have extensive experience producing planning-compliant drawings for schemes, and are able to act for clients as their agents during the critical application stage. During this time we will liaise  with the local authority planning and conservation officers, in order to maximise the chances of a scheme approval.

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Site Layout Plans

As a CIAT 'Chartered Practice', Richard Bedford Surveying has many years of architectural technical design ability dating back to the late 1980s. We can arrange for all initial topographic/land surveys to be undertaken, prior to our design input, through main scheme drawings. 

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Building Scheme Layouts

We have many years experience producing building layout designs for all building types. During the planning scheme design stage, we take full account of further detailed design and statutory compliance issues as required, incorporating these matters into our design to ensure a seamless transition to the later construction drawings that will be required.

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Building Elevations

Spatial layout design needs to take into account external aesthetic visual considerations. Richard Bedford Surveying is experienced at producing sympathetic and attractive design solutions, which stand the best chance of gaining planning approval.

Please be aware, gaining planning approval is never guaranteed and anybody who promises it to you is either misleading you intentionally or they are not experienced or competent in planning matters.


Whatever your proposed scheme, we can assist you, so please contact us for more information or to talk to with us informally in the first instance.

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