Building Survey

Our Instruction - To undertake a full building survey on a residential property for a potential purchaser.

The Property - A detached 4 bedroom house, built in the 1990s.

The Location - Little Oakley, Essex.

This survey was completed over a five hour period. It was a full building survey as opposed to a homebuyer survey, which typically takes only one to one and a half hours. Therefore, this greater level of inspection time makes a full building survey far superior in every way. We only undertake full building surveys because we firmly believe that you cannot properly inspect and report on the condition of a building in 60-90 minutes. For example, we typically devote 30 minutes of our overall inspection time to a dedicated roof void inspection alone. 

We were able to give good news to our client following our inspection, and we do this is initially by phoning them and thereafter we issue our written report electronically within 5 working days of our inspection.

Issues were found, and that is not unusual for any building in our experience, and these included unusual boundary/ownership details, an aged flat roof coming to the end of its natural life and defective boundary treatments. 

The images below are only a small selection of those within our completed report.

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